Dozens of wild monkeys terrorise a disabled man’s home in Thailand

Dozens of wild monkeys terrorised a disabled man’s home in Thailand.

Frustrated Rittikrai Yimpa, 60, has been plagued for months by the troublesome primates that have taken over his property in Utai Thani province, northern Thailand.

The monkey troop reportedly shows up at his home before destroying his belongings, eating vegetables that he had planted and even contaminating his water supply with their mess.

However, due to his health condition which has rendered him unable to walk properly, Rittikrai could not scare the monkeys away. After causing damage, they would then hide in the trees, only to reappear the next day to pester him again.

Desperate, Rittikrai enlisted the help of local officers to capture the simians. They set up five cage traps around the property, but the clever simians have so far evaded capture. Footage taken on January 21 shows the monkeys roaming outside Rittikrai’s house while the cage traps remain empty.

The angry resident said: ‘I plant fruits and vegetables outside my home and the monkeys would eat all of it. I collect rainwater from the roof to drink and the monkey would defecate on top, leaving me with no water to drink.

‘I’m afraid the whole troop would attack me and push me down one day. I have hemiplegia, so if they hurt me, the injuries could be serious.’

Thailand has wild monkeys across the country. However, they can often cause conflict when coming into contact with humans in urban developements near their natural habitat.

The most notorious place for monkey troubles is in Lopburi province, where tens of thousands of the creature roam around the city.