Hero passer-by jumps into canal to save drowning stray dog

A hero passer-by jumped into a canal to save a drowning stray dog in Thailand.

The mutt was crossing the road but slipped under the bridge railings and into the dirty water below in Bangkok, Thailand on January 14. Villagers who saw it fall called rescue volunteers to help.

Locals noticed the brown female dog barely staying afloat in the 16ft-deep canal. It was trying to climb up on the banks, but failed as the surface was too slippery.

Since the dog was starting to become exhausted, passer-by Manop Ruttidetch quickly wore a life jacket and dived straight into the canal. He carried the fatigued animal in his arms and tried to calm it down as they were both hoisted up to safety.

Onlooker Chalor said: ‘At first, I thought the dog wouldn’t survive as it was lying still when we pulled it up. But it eventually stood up on its own after resting for a while.

‘Luckily, the volunteers came and rescued the dog before it was too late.’