Workaholic tourist types away on laptop while floating on parasail

This is the hilarious moment a workaholic tourist typed away on his laptop to work while floating on a parasail.

Denver Poria, 34, had flown to Boracay in the Philippines to take a vacation with his cousins. However, as he had a little bit of work left to do, he decided to bring his laptop along.

Footage taken on January 21 in the famous tourist island shows Denver busy sending e-mails while flying several feet in the air on a parasail. He appeared serious and immersed in his work while staff slowly pulled the parasail to the ground.

Denver said he usually works on his phone to relay orders from clients, but he brought his laptop to make the trip more fun.

He said: ‘I took the laptop with me since I couldn’t give sales quotes to our customers on my phone. I wanted to be able to tell my boss that I made an effort to find an internet connection to work.’

He added that the parasailing video, which has gone viral on social media, had already reached his boss, who was amused by it.

Denver said: ‘He laughed instead of getting mad at me. I’m safe from being fired.’