Brave stray cats leap across burning homes into the sea to escape fire

This is the heartwarming moment locals cheered as two brave stray cats survived a fire – by jumping across burning houses and into the sea.

The moggies were scavenging food in a wooden stilt house community over the sea in Surigao del Sur province, the Philippines when the blaze started on January 21 afternoon.

Residents of the coastal community rushed to safety but the cats – terrified by frantic people – were left alone on the plank footbridge struggling to escape.

Once everyone was out, the two cats followed but they were stranded by the raging flames. Concerned residents watched and yelled them from a distance to try and encourage the cats to safety.

Footage shows locals erupting in cheers as the the white cats jumping across the wooden homes before braving their natural fear of water and finally diving into the sea to swim ashore while the fire razed the community.

Onlooker Bronwyn Mendez said: ‘We heard people shouting that there was a fire and then it spread too quickly. The cats were the last ones to escape.

‘It would have been sad if they had perished but thankfully they could escape. They were so brave and clever to get out in time. It was one positive moment and ray of hope that happened during the disaster.’

Bronwyn added that the moggies appeared to be unhurt as they disappeared into a nearby alley upon reaching dry land.

No one was reported hurt among the residents and the cause of the fire – which reportedly started from a burning candle inside one of the houses – is still being investigated.