Kind woman rescues stray kitten running loose on busy road in Thailand

This is the heroic moment a kind woman rescued a stray kitten that was running loose on a busy road in Thailand.

Yok Laddawan, 30, was driving in Bangkok on January 20 when she saw the other motorists in the next lane slowing down to avoid something. She moved closer and found the confused cat trembling in the middle of the busy highway.

Concerned that less attentive drivers might run over it, Yok went left her car and walked over to retrieve the stranded feline.

Dashcam footage shows Yok approaching the distrustful stray, which ran to the roadside barrier to avoid her. She managed to coax the kitty into her arms by patting it gently on the head before bringing it into her car.

Yok took the cat to her home and has now adopted it and will care for the new pet.

She said: ‘I named her Wipa after the road I found her on. She looks happy living with me at home. She’s safe and I won’t let her near any roads.’