Ghost bike without rider speeds along road before crashing into house


Residents were baffled after a ghost motorcycle without a rider sped along the road before crashing into a house.

CCTV footage shows the red Honda Wave scooter passing in front of a repair shop while a confused employee looked on in Chonburi province, Thailand on February 6.

Further up the road, the scooter’s rider had fallen from the two-wheeler when she hit a bump and skidded on a bridge.

The unidentified rider crashed into the ground but her motorcycle continued ‘ghost riding’ on its own for 200 metres until it crashed into a house under construction.

Sudjai Sayuanjai, 36, a mechanic who saw the passing ghost scooter said they did not know about the fallen rider so they were confused at first.

He said: ‘Someone shouted and pointed at the motorcycle without a rider. We went out to check where it had crashed and then we saw the female rider collapsed on the ground.

‘She was about 30-years-old and told us she lost control of the motorcycle when her fingers went stiff and failed to trigger the brakes.’

A Nam, a construction worker who was plastering the walls when the scooter approached, said he would have been hit had it not been for the onlookers who warned him.

He said: ‘I was really confused about how the car can run by itself for such a long distance. It stopped after crashing into the cement bags. I am relieved I was not hit.’

The female rider called her friends to help her take the motorcycle home and receive treatment from a clinic for her bruises.