Crazed American terrorises neighbours in apartment in Thailand

This is the moment a crazed American tourist terrorised his neighbours in an apartment in Thailand.

The man was seen banging a metal rod against the tiled floor, before beating the object against another resident’s door in Bangkok on January 23.

Video taken inside the building showed the allegedly unstable foreigner creating noise while threatening and disturbing other tenants. He then set off the fire alarm after which he proceeded to hammer a set of glass doors.

Terrified neighbours said that the foreign man had been behaving strangely for a month. They added that they would sometimes see him shouting in the hallway.

Neighbour Sirirat Maneechan said: ‘He was divorced from his Thai wife. He lives here but his children are in Surin province.

‘He was a well-behaved man before but I heard he had run out of medication, that’s why he had been acting strange.’

Police have already arrested the foreigner and remanded him in custody while the coordinating with the U.S. Embassy to contact his family.

A spokesman from the Khlong Toei district police station said the American had also been sent to a hospital for a psychiatric check.