Brit recovering in hospital following sickle attack in Thailand that killed his friend

Footage shows the hospital in Thailand where a British man was recovering today from a sickle attack in which his friend was killed.

Shaun Dagnan, 55, was rushed to the facility with severe injuries after a neighbour allegedly launched the frenzied attack following a row over loud music.

Fellow Brit Marcus John Evans, 49, was decapitated before horrified girlfriend Wassana Muanchit, 33, found his blood-covered dead body shortly after 3am on Saturday January 22.

A friend living in the area said: ‘Shaun’s still in shock from what happened.  He  saw his friend die right in front of him. He needs some time to be left alone and come to terms with it, as he could have been killed as well.  Everyone’s in shock by what has happened. I don’t have his number. We all need to be left alone as we’re getting annoyed by it all now.’

She broke down in tears while sitting in outside a friend’s house as police searched for the suspect Prasut Thipthep, 23, who was later arrested at a nearby home and charged with ‘intentional manslaughter’.

The suspect was also charged with ‘attempting to kill’ Marcus’ friend Shaun Dagnan, 55, who was injured in the bloodbath. Shaun received flowers from Thai police while recovering in hospital on Sunday.

Grieving Wassana confronted the alleged killer at the police station.

Speaking from her home, she told how she looked into his eyes and screamed ‘why did you kill him’.

The mother-of-one said: ‘On Saturday night I was eating outside the house with  my husband and our friends at about 9pm. He asked me if he could carry on drinking with his friend, and I said OK,  so he moved from the front of our house to drink with his friend.

‘After drinking for a but he came back to my room to get a beer. He did not look drunk, he looked normal, and he carried that one bottle of beer out. That was the last time I saw him alive.

‘The whole time he was drinking the music was loud, but not that loud. For a drunk person it wasn’t loud. But I can’t tell how loud it was for other people listening.

‘If ever the music  was loud or my husband was talking too loudly, I would always go out and warn him to turn the  volume down.

‘When I went outside late at night, it was like normal. Nothing was loud, it was quiet and there was no sound. 

‘When I was walking  back, a neighbour came and told me to  check up on my husband and she kept on repeating and telling me to check on my husband.

‘The neighbour said my husband was lying down on the floor.

‘When I went out I found out he was dead. I was out of my mind because I loved him so much. He was the love of my life.

‘He was the main provider, he supported me and my daughter. He gave me a monthly allowance and my expenses are high, but my husband took amazing care of me. Now I don’t know what to do because I will have nobody to support me.

‘The police let me talk to the man  who killed my husband. I looked in his eyes. I was still so angry at him. I asked him ‘why did you kill my husband?’.

‘I said I was very angry at him. I said ‘why couldn’t you talk or ask nicely? You could have told me or told the police, but you shouldn’t have killed him’.’

Speaking at a press conference about the death on Sunday, Police Lieutenant General Thanayut Vuthijarathamrong, who is leading the probe, said: ‘From the investigation, the accused confessed that the cause of the death came from a disagreement with the deceased.

The injured victim and the deceased were drinking alcohol and playing loud music during the night until it caused dissatisfaction with the perpetrators and leading them to attack the men.

‘As for the matter that the perpetrator is said to be a psychiatric patient. The perpetrator had a history of receiving treatment but must be examined thoroughly whether he is considered a patient with real psychiatric symptoms or not because if it is concluded that the perpetrator has a psychiatric illness, the prosecution will be different from a suspect with no mental disorders.

‘In this situation, the investigating officer together with expert doctors will assess the suspect to determined if he had complete consciousness or not at the time of the attack.

‘But initially, two serious charges were filed against the perpetrators, one of intentional manslaughter and charge of attempting to kill another person.

‘For the injured and the deceased, the police have teamed up with the Tourist Police, including the officials of the Office of Tourism and Sports, to coordinate with the British Embassy to contact the families of the injured and dead.

‘It is currently waiting for the relatives of the injured and deceased to travel to Thailand. In terms of providing assistance to the injured and dead, The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will consider further assistance measures.’

Speaking in the video, Marcus’s friend, Adria Licci, 59, from Italy, who also lived in the resort, said that Marcus had arrived on December 17 to visit his Thai girlfriend. He was due to leave on January 26.

Adria said: ‘I was friends with the man who died and the one who was injured. They also knew the attacker and they had drinks with him before and had given him cigarettes. They used to joke with him a lot.

‘I’ve never seen the three of them arguing before until last night when I heard them all shouting at about 3am.

‘I came out of the room to see and found the wounded man and dead man lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

‘We think that the issue was caused by the guys playing loud music, but this should have been discussed and solved. It shouldn’t have to be this violent.’