Woman unknowingly sleeps next to deadly cobra hiding under her bed for three days

A woman unknowingly slept next to a deadly cobra for three days after it slithered under her bed in Thailand.

Rungruedee Tuekwhamthong, 55, was lying awake playing with her phone in Chanthanaburi province on January 23 when she went to the bathroom.

She returned and found her mosquito net in disarray. However, while tucking the net under the mattress, she heard a loud hissing noise and discovered the venomous snake hiding at the foot of the bed, next to the wall.

Terrified, Rungruedee called local snake catchers to help retrieve the cobra.

The rescue team arrived and found the serpent in a corner of the room, crammed between the wall and the bed frame. Officers used a hook and caught the animal in 15 minutes, but the feisty reptile would slither out of its container trying to escape. It was finally sealed inside a plastic cooler after several more minutes.

Rungruedee said: ‘I first noticed this snake three days ago. It tried to bite me three times, but luckily I avoided it.

‘I attempted to find it afterwards, but I couldn’t, so I thought it had slithered out of the house. But it had actually been staying under my bed the whole time.’

Rungruedee added that the snake might be a good sign and that she would use her house number and the date of the incident as lucky numbers for her lottery ticket.

The cobra was released back into the wild several miles away from the woman’s home.