Heartwarming moment air force officer leaves hospital after beating Covid-19

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6lvt92lw4tf6ufz/VRP10105.mp4?dl=0

This is the heartwarming moment an airforce officer left hospital after beating Covid-19.

Footage shows Sergeant Major Farley Duremdez of the Philippine Air Force returning home after three weeks of isolation in Misamis Oriental province, on February 5.

The soldier’s family, as well as his colleagues, waited on their front yard to greet him after doctors cleared him of coronavirus.

Officers saluted before cheering in delight as the sergeant proceeded to take his bags from the ambulance.

Sergeant Major Farley Duremdez’s daughter, Precious Diamae Mendez, helped prepare the surprise to welcome home her father, who had severe symptoms from the virus.

Precious said that they were worried when he had to be taken to the facility due to his symptoms while they were left in house isolation.

She said: ‘Almost all of us were infected with the virus so we stayed at home until we were all clear.

‘Seeing my father well and strong after being away for weeks was such a relief. I am happy we are over it now.’

The sergeant had been in the service for 24 years before he contracted the virus while on duty.

The Philippines implemented the world’s longest lockdown which started in March last year. It has one of the most numbers of recorded Covid-19 patients in Southeast Asia with 538,995 cases and 11,179 deaths on February 9.