Mouse terrifies female teachers after boy drops it on floor at day care

This is the amusing moment a mouse terrified female teachers at a daycare after a boy dropped it on the floor.

CCTV video footage shows the rodent scrambling across the floor while escaping from the boy in Sichuan province on January 18.

One of the teachers who was the first to notice the mouse ran away while her colleague followed behind and even tried climbing her back.

A little boy in a red coat appeared to have just arrived at the nursery, and he was seen taking items out of his bag, but as he pulled out one object, the mouse, dropped onto the floor and then scampered over to a shelf on the other side of the room.

One of the teachers said: ‘We don’t know if the boy knew he had a mouse in his bag or whether he had a pet or it was a wild one that entered the pockets to search for food.’