Boyfriend has epic fail when he proposes to girlfriend and drops ring down cliff

A boyfriend had an epic fail moment when he proposed marriage to his girlfriend and dropped the ring down a cliff.

Luer Edward Maniago Geraban, 27, was down on one knee while popping the question to long-time partner Jelyn Lachica, 29, when the botched proposal happened in Boracay Island, the Philippines on January 5.

The excited boyfriend was holding the ring out to Jelyn on the veranda of their cliffside hotel with the spectacular view of the ocean but the overwhelmed woman accidentally struck his hand.

The ring then fell out of his hand and rolled down the veranda into the cliff. Jelyn tried reaching for the precious ring but to no avail.

Jelyn said: ‘I did not expect that he would propose that time so I hit his hand. The ring fell so it was delayed for a bit but I said yes.’

Staff from the hotel clambered through the bushes and salvaged the ring, which had fortunately avoided rolling all the way to the bottom.

The couple, who plans on doing their wedding next year, did the proposal again and were successful the second time round in placing the ring on the woman’s finger after she said yes.