Violent winds topple billboards as intense rainstorm hits west Indonesia

An intense rainstorm hit west Indonesia, toppling over billboards and uprooting trees in the country’s Bogor Regency on Monday, January 24.

Strong winds whipped through the city throughout the late afternoon and caused significant damage, local authorities said.

Dramatic footage shows the wind causing a giant billboard to collapse onto several parked motorbikes. Several roofs were also torn from nearby buildings during the dangerous tropical weather.

Irfan Zacky, an official from the Bogor City government, said: ‘There were lots of fallen trees. Dozens.’

Locals were seen scrambling for shelter as the powerful gusts shredded tree branches and blew away cabinets, tables, and stools. Vehicles on the road had to stop and wait for the downpour to abate before proceeding to drive.

Despite the extreme weather, Zacky confirmed there were no reported casualties. He said:’ There were several cars that were slightly damaged. There were no casualties.’