Armed robber starts fire in grocery store to loot the shelves then escape

This is the terrifying moment an armed robber started a fire in a grocery store to loot the shelves then escape.

CCTV footage shows the alleged criminal pretending to be a customer at a 7-Eleven shop in Korat City, Nakhon Ratchasima province at 3am local time on January 20.

The helmet-wearing motorcycle rider appeared to douse the checkout counter with a flammable liquid before setting it ablaze, shocking the lone female cashier who was ringing him up. He then pointed a handgun at the terrified staff and instructed her to crouch in a corner while he raided the cash register. He lit the counter on fire again before leaving out the front entrance.

Police said the suspect made off with about 6,000 THB (roughly 135 GBP), and several bottles of liquor and energy drinks that he stuffed in his bag. A report has been filed at the Pho Klang Police Station to track him down. They believe he is a middle-aged man who is still lurking in the area.

Police Lieutenant General Somprasong Yenthum said Nakhon Ratchasima police and Pho Klang police have coordinated to conduct investigations and are collecting surveillance footage to trace the man’s whereabouts. Officers said they are confident that an arrest will be made soon.