Fearless passerby saves boy trapped in frozen river in China

This is the heroic moment a fearless passerby saved a boy trapped in a frozen river in China.

The 18-year-old boy had fallen into the cold water after he walked on thin ice in a park in Sanhe City, Hebei province on January 23. Two men who saw him flailing in the chest-deep water rushed over to pull him out.

Footage shows the brave man using a bamboo pole to drag the boy to safety. He chipped away at the ice barehanded to free the stranded teenager, and successfully hauled him onto a more stable portion of the frozen river.

The man said: ‘The boy looked about the same age as my own child. I didn’t think twice about the danger before trying to save him.’

The boy was brought to the hospital and is now safe from danger. His mother reportedly got in touch with the rescuers to extend her gratitude for saving her son.