Resourceful grandfather turns balcony into ice rink during winter in China

A resourceful grandfather turned his balcony into an ice rink during the freezing winter season in China.

Zhang Baoqi, 66, built the rink so he and his family can play without leaving home amid pandemic restrictions in Tianjin.

Footage taken on January 14 shows Zhang, a former hockey player in his youth, and his grandson taking turns striking a puck on the icy balcony. Instead of a net, a rubber tire in the middle of the rink served as a makeshift goal.

The rink, which was completed at the end of 2021, reportedly took about three months to complete. Below the ice were five layers consisting of waterproofing material, antifreeze, glass, plastic, and wood. Zhang said he was careful to soundproof and waterproof the rink to avoid disturbing the downstairs neighbours.

He added that once the ice melts, the water will flow into a vat next to the rink and will be used to water the plants.

He said that the coming Winter Olympics in Beijing has rekindled his passion for hockey, and he has decided to pick up his stick once more.