Brave beekeeper carries a swarm of bees in his palm in Australia

Amazing footage shows a skilful beekeeper holding a swarm of bees in his hand in Australia.

Simon Mulvany, who runs the Save The Bees Australia organisation in Sorrento, Victoria, was about to transfer a bee colony to a new home when he took picked them up.

The calm beekeeper held out his hand among the tiny creatures which started to swarm onto his palm.

He said the key to avoiding being stung when transferring the colony to a new home is being delicate.

Simon, who recorded the video on November 13, said the trick to handle bees is to stay calm.

He said: ”Breathe and remain calm, and visualise the task. Warm your hands and go slow. Don’t rush be delicate.”

When bees sting, they cannot pull the stinger back out of their victim. This leaves behind not only the stinger but also part of its digestive tract which kills it.

Bee stings can cause swelling and in unusual cases, it can even lead to death due to anaphylactic shock.