Volunteers recover a pregnant woman’s phone dropped in a sewer

Hero rescue volunteers recovered a pregnant woman’s phone which she dropped in a sewer.

Eighteen-year-old Paweena Ranjunteuk, who is 12 weeks pregnant, was driving to the clinic for a prenatal checkup in Buriram province, Thailand on January 26.

She parked the car and stuck her iPhone SE in her pocket. However, the device slipped and fell through the sewer grates, sinking into the water below.

The pregnant woman thought she had no way to get her phone back as the sewer appeared too deep and dirty. As she was about to give up, a shopkeeper who saw her panicking suggested she contact the local rescue team.

The Siam Ruam Jai rescue team took more than two hours to pull open the sewage cover as it was tight and heavy. Footage shows staff pounding the road with a sledgehammer before prying the grating loose.

When the cover was dragged open, a volunteer hopped down the hole, sticking his hands in the disgusting muck and retrieving the woman’s phone within 10 minutes.

Paweena said: ‘I’m happy to have my phone back as I keep my personal information on it. Other than getting it back, the team also gave me money because I’m pregnant.

‘They’re so brave being able to climb into a filthy canal with mosquitos everywhere. I will remember this until the day I die.’