Wild snake caught after slithering into motorcycle parked outside school in Thailand

A wild snake was caught after it slithered into a motorcycle parked outside a school in Thailand.

Sanong Settha had rode the motorbike to Nong Chang Wittaya school in Uthai Thani province to pick up her niece on January 26.

While she was waiting for classes to end, she noticed the reptile emerging from a nearby thicket. She was shocked when it reportedly ignored the other vehicles parked in the lot and made a beeline for her motorcycle.

Sanong ran as the snake slipped into the two-wheeler, prompting her to call officers to get rid of it.

A pair of snake wranglers arrived and used bug spray in hopes of drawing the serpent out, to no avail. They had to call a mechanic, who took apart the motorbike’s pink frame to reach the snake inside.

Footage shows an officer grabbing the snake’s head with a gloved hand and dragging it out of the bike.

Sanong said: ‘I think this is a sign of luck. The snake could have slithered into any motorcycle but it chose mine.’