Electrocuted wild monkey springs into life after being saved with CPR

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pqhl3wl6hhus8pe/VRP10214.mp4?dl=0

This is the heartwarming moment an electrocuted monkey sprang back into life after being given CPR.

The wild primate was climbing on overhead powerlines when he interfered with a transformer and thousands of volts surged through his body.

Concerned locals heard the explosion and rushed over to help the monkey in Uthai Thani, northern Thailand, on Monday morning (Feb 8).

The creature was unconcious and not moving, raising fears that the electric shock had killed him.

However, residents poured cool water on the monkeys body and performed CPR by gently pressing his heart.

Miraculously, the wild primate sprung back into life and scampered away while appearing to be relatively unharmed.

Proud resident, Santichai, helped to revive the monkey.

He said: ‘The monkey had an electric shock from a transformer and fell to the ground. I saw him and knew that he was still alive, because there was a very faint pulse.

‘Villagers came over and helped to provide first aid until the monkey was safe.’