Nine-storey building collapses injuring pedestrians in Thailand

This is the shocking moment part of a nine-storey building collapsed and injured pedestrians in Thailand.

Residents were walking on the pavement next to the 40-year-old structure that stood next to a train station when part of its wall crumbled in Bangkok on January 22.

Footage shows concrete debris falling onto shocked passerby and motorists before covering the junction with a thick cloud of dust.

Five people were injured – three of them were rushed to the hospital for further treatment while the other two received first aid at the scene – while damage on the property was still being assessed by investigators.

The damaged wall from the 7th and 8th floor was covered to avoid further debris from falling while local officials visited for an inspection.

Assistant Director of Pathumwan District Sasithon Charoensuk said: ‘The building offers monthly rentals. At the time of the incident, it was raining, adding up the already deteriorated mortar causing the tile fragments from the 8th floor to fall.’

A safety engineer is set to check the structure for assessment.