Boy, 6, rescued from 13ft-deep toilet pit in Turkistan

A six-year-old boy was rescued from a 13ft-deep toilet pit in Turkistan.

Footage shows rescuers lifting the youngster out of the faeces-filled hole in the courtyard of a house in Kazakh region on January 23.

A rescue staff lifted the youngster out of the pit while a woman tried to calm him down.

As the whimpering lad was taken from the small hole, the rescuers told him to raise his arms before grabbing hold of him and pulling him out.

After being freed out of the pit, the boy started to cry from fear and the rescuers told him: ‘Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.’

The rescue operation involved five rescuers of the Department of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan’s Turkistan region and three ambulance workers.

The organisation said in a statement: ‘After the rescuers pulled the child out with a rescue rope, they handed him over to ambulance staff. A doctor examined the child and was sent home. The child’s condition is currently stable.’

Following the rescue, the Ministry of Emergency Situations urged parents to never leave their children unattended.