Park in Bangkok being expanded into sprawling forest within the city


Work was being carried out today (Feb 11) to expand a park in Bangkok into a sprawling green forest within the city.

The Benjakitti Park currently has a total land area of 21 hectares inside the Khlong Toei district of the Thai capital.

A new 652 million Baht (22 millions USD) project by the Royal Thai Army and the Treasury Department aims to extend the park to become three times its current size, or 72 hectares.

The expansion project is expected to be complete by 2022 complete with extensive biking trails and walkways.

A huge tobacco warehouse standing beside the park will also be demolished and make way for the new city forest in Thailand.

Aside from expansion, parts of the park will be developed into a leisure waterpark surrounded by a forest with different species of trees.

Museums will also be constructed around the park exhibiting a variety of themes.

For the sports lovers, a portion of the park will be a physical activity recreation area with running and bike lanes for people to exercise.

It is estimated that the central forest will be finished in June, while Museums and the other areas in the park will be completed by February 2022.