Drunk Norwegian tourist arrested during rampage in Pattaya, Thailand

This is the shocking moment police arrested a drunk Norwegian tourist during a rampage through Thailand’s ‘Sin City’.

The 55-year-old holidaymaker was seen breaking signs, shouting in the streets, and fighting with locals on January 26 evening among the bars in the sprawling red light district.

Concerned residents reported to the police that the middle-aged, well-built Caucasian was blocking vehicles on the road and smashing items in stores.

Upon seeing the foreign man’s build, police had to call four other officers to help arrest him. They followed the rambling troublemaker for 400 meters before cuffing him outside a supermarket.

A Pattaya police spokesman said: ‘A girl also complained to the police saying she was strangled by the same man. He also smashed a car that belonged to another foreigner.

‘The Norwegian man told us he arrived on holiday and has been staying in Thailand for two years and can speak a little Thai. He told us he was sober, but he appeared to be intoxicated.’

The Norwegian was remanded in custody and is now facing multiple charges and deportation for his actions – unless he is able to convince police to drop the case.