Nurse makes candy that looks exactly like Thai sato ‘stinky’ beans

A nurse makes sweet-tasting candy that looks exactly like Thai sato ‘stinky’ beans.

Community public health officer Nongnaphat Saphanuch cooks the sweet treats in her home in Trang province, one of the southern provinces where the bean was widely cultivated.

Her unique candies were made from sato but she cooks them with sticky rice before moulding them into vegetable-shaped desserts. One of her bestsellers, as she lists the food for sale online, is the Cato shaped candy that looked exactly like the real bean.

She said: ‘The candies take four hours to make because they are all handmade. Our customers enjoyed them and gave them as gifts because they are tasty and healthy at the same time.’

The candies cost 200 to 450 baht depending on the quantity. Due to her products’ popularity, customers from other provinces such as Chiang Mai have started buying her candies as well.