Barking bad! Dog survives after licking 400 methamphetamine tablets

A pet dog survived after licking 400 methamphetamine tablets in Thailand.

The two-year-old pooch named Namtarn found two bags of illegal drugs while playing near his owner’s restaurant in Udon Thani province on January 19.

He then dragged the bags home into the restaurant’s garage and began nibbling and sniffing the highly addictive substance like it was candy treats.

After a while, several red pills were scattered around the restaurant which the owner noticed and traced to his dog so he immediately called the local police to report.

Pet owner Yosaneephon Phuthanon, 57, said he did not know if Namtarn had swallowed any of the pills but he had been licking them.

He added: ‘We saw our dog running around the garage while playing with several tablets scattered out front. We didn’t know what they were so we called the police.’

The pooch was observed by responding officers but he seemed healthy. His owners were also advised to take the dog to the veterinarians in case he showed unusual symptoms.

Officers picked up the remaining tablets and the bags before taking them to their station as evidence. The origin of the bags was still being investigated.