Hero rescue volunteers rappel down three-storey building to save kittens

Heroic rescue volunteers rappelled down a three-storey building to save stranded kittens.

The local rescue team was called to the scene after a resident reported hearing the cats crying behind their building’s wall in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand on January 27.

They found that the kitten was trapped at the bottom of the structure’s 32ft-deep sewer channel. As the hole was too narrow, two of them had to rappel down to carry the kittens up. 

Footage shows the narrow and deep space where the team had gone down to save the kittens from the volunteer’s claustrophobic point of view angle.

The volunteers took with them a small cage to put the kittens in while climbing up using their safety harness.

After an hour, the volunteers were able to save two kittens estimated to be at least a month old. The moggies were checked for injuries and adopted by the resident.

The resident said: ‘These kittens needed help as there was no exit other than the hole on top. I adopted both of them. The rescuers were really dedicated to their work.’