Powerful dust devil tornado tears through fields next to busy road in Thailand

A powerful dust devil was tearing through fields next to a busy road in Thailand.

Resident Wanne Rapeekun filmed the terrifying twister swirling near the empty lot outside her home in Chonburi province on January 26. It was seen sucking up dust into its funnel as it spun rapidly in the field.

The dark tornado gradually grew weaker within minutes, and eventually dissipated without injuring anyone.

Wanne said: ‘I was scared when I saw it. I think it formed because of the warm weather.’

Dust devils are a type of whirlwind tornado that form when the sun heats a patch of land and the air above becomes warmer and rises quickly.

Cooler air then moves into the low-pressure gap left by the rising warm air. The new drafts of cooler air also heat up, rise and the cycle continues, picking up dust and debris making the spiral visible.