Sad pet Dachshund sleeps on nurse owner’s luggage before she leaves for long Covid-19 shift

A sad pet Dachshund slept on his nurse owner’s luggage while she was leaving for a long Covid-19 shift.

The seven-month-old dog named Oreo curled up on top of the open suitcase while her owner prepared to leave their home in Lanao Del Norte province, the Philippines on December 9.

His owner Sheniel Variacion worked as a nurse and had to stay at the hospital for a few days to take care of patients at the Covid-19 ward.

The smart pooch appeared to have understood what was happening when she started packing her things and slept on the luggage appearing sad.

Pet owner Sheniel Variacion said: ‘I was packing my things for our limited face to face duty at the hospital that time. My dog seemed to have felt what was happening. He slept on my luggage even though his bed was only right beside it.’

She added that the pooch would sometimes refuse to eat meals when he misses her owner so she wished that the pandemic would be over soon so her shifts would be back to normal.

Sheniel said: ‘My pet dog is very clingy and would lose appetite because of loneliness. I wish the pandemic would be over so I could have normal shifts again.’