Bridge damaged by fast-flowing river after heavy rain in the Philippines


A bridge was damaged from the force of a fast-flowing river after heavy rain in the Philippines.

Footage shows the muddy torrents yesterday (Feb 9) after part of the structure collapsed and was washed away in Burauen, Leyte province.

Resident John Michael Casuco Tila-on said: ‘The rain stopped today but the river was still powerful. There’s still danger.’

Rescue worker Quincy Jay Sintasas confirmed that Marabong Bridge was broken on December 2020 due to heavy rain, and it was damaged again this week because of the strong water flow from the Daguitan river.

Quincy said that some vehicles could not pass through the water-covered bridge. He said the water flow in the Daguitan river is strong, but nobody has been injured by the deluge.