Crane falls into the SEA when cable snaps while lifting ship

This is the shocking moment a crane toppled over and fell into the sea while pulling up a fishing boat in Thailand.

The pair of truck cranes were lifting the vessel out of the ocean and onto the dock for repairs in Pattani province on January 28.

However, as the boat was carefully being hoisted from the water, the cables securing its stern suddenly snapped and the entire load was placed on the crane holding the bow.

Footage shows the industrial vehicle slowly tipping over the edge of the platform before finally plunging into the seawater.

With seconds to spare, the crane operator was seen leaping from the cable escaping from the falling vehicle.

No casualties were reported, but the crane driver reportedly broke his leg in the accident. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Owners of the company operating the crane, Benjaporn Pattani Cranes, said they had covered the hospital costs of their driver injured in the accident.

A spokesman said: ‘There was bad luck and there was good luck that our driver was only slightly injured. We have provided all the support we can to the best of our abilities because human life is the most important to us. We’re thankful to all the emotional support and encouragement we’ve had.’