Abandoned newborn baby found crying in maternity clinic sink

An abandoned newborn baby was found crying in a maternity clinic’s sink in the Philippines.

The infant still had his umbilical cord attached when he was discovered by a passerby who immediately alerted the staff at Heaven’s Gift Lying-in Clinic in General Santos City on January 24.

He was immediately cleaned and checked by the nurses before being given a vaccine shot as he appeared to have been born for only a few hours when found.

The baby was then taken by staff from the city social welfare department who would care for him while authorities try to find his parents.

Chimae Aunzo, one of the staff at the clinic, said: ‘We were eating dinner for the night shift when a man knocked on our door. He said there was a baby alone and crying in the sink outside.

‘We then took the baby inside to clean since he still had his umbilical cord attached. He had only been born for a few hours. We then gave him a vaccine shot.’

The baby was already wearing clothes and wrapped in a white blanket but his body was still bloodied and even had traces of soil on his head.

Investigators were looking at the possibility that the baby was born outdoors due to the traces of soil and were checking CCTV in the area to find the person who left him in the clinic.