Crane truck hits powerline electrocuting driver in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a crane truck crashed into a powerline electrocuting its driver in Thailand.

Saifon Tajeng, 35, miscalculated the height of his six-wheel mobile crane and tugged the cables in Pattaya, Thailand, on February 2 afternoon.

CCTV footage shows the vehicle stopping upon contact with the wires before it let out an electrical explosion.

The electricity visibly travelled through the steel vehicle which caused it to spark flames.

The driver’s colleagues were able to jump out and run away but Saifon was left inside operating the vehicle.

He sustained severe burns on the body after being electrocuted after the vehicle conducted the electricity from the power lines.

One of his colleagues, Sopit Pirechat, 31, said Saifon fell on the floor while trying to move away from the vehicle without success.

He said: ‘I was surprised and quickly ran away but our driver was not as lucky because he had to open the door first.

‘We were loading cement on the back when he moved the vehicle forward and hit the wires.’

The driver was rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition but he had to be monitored for severe burns on his body.

Police officers also arrived at the scene to investigate the incident and said that they will release a more detailed report this week.

The provincial electric authority had temporarily cut the power lines to conduct a repair of the damaged post.