Stray cat rescued after being found stuck in narrow wall gap

A stray cat was rescued after being found stuck in a narrow wall gap in a home in Thailand.

Kanokwan Klaijang was getting ready for bed when she heard the trapped feline meowing late at night on December 22 near the back of her home in Bangkok, Thailand. However, she could not find the source of the sound as it was already too dark.

The next morning, Kanokwan heard the stray’s cries again, prompting her to check on her own pet cats. Seeing them all fine, the worried homeowner traced the source of the sound and found a paw poking out from a crevice behind the house walls.

An orange moggie had slipped into the narrow gap and was wedged between the cement blocks. Kanokwan then asked her father to drill the wall to set the cat free. It quickly ran away after being released.

Kanokwan said: ‘I’m just glad I was there to help the stray before it was too late. I think it has been stuck in that position for the whole night.’