Male elephants touch trunks to make up with each other after weeks of fighting over female


This is the adorable moment two elephants made up with each other after fighting over a female mate.

Kaenggreang, the male elephant, touched trunks with another wild jumbo Siplor to make peace after the duel in Chachoengsao province, Thailand on February 7.

Park rangers said the cheeky jumbo Siplor, who was in heat during the mating season, intended to challenge the larger, older elephant and steal a female in the herd.

The two had been watching each other from a distance and even had a physical altercation bumping tusks two weeks ago.

However, they appeared to have settled their differences with the recent show of sportsmanship.

Park rangers at the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary, the area where the two bulls roam, said they will continue monitoring them for signs they have made peace.

Panya Wajade said: ‘These two elephants have been squaring up to each other and fighting for the last few weeks. It’s nice to see they have made friends again but the wildlife team will make sure that really is the case.’