Kind locals help their neighbour move by carrying his fire-damaged barn to the next village

Kind villagers carried their neighbour’s barn to the next town after a fire burnt nearly all of his belongings and left him homeless.

Homeowner Kochem Ngedmhan, 70, used to live in a two-storey wooden house, but he lost his possessions – from clothes to electric appliances – after a fire broke out in his property in Satun province, Thailand, on January 31.

Kochem lived with five other family members in their humble wooden property but the fire, reportedly caused by a short circuit, left them with no place to stay.

Luckily, their neighbours volunteered to move the family’s barn to the adjacent village to expedite the construction of the family’s temporary accommodation.

In the video, the caring villagers can be seen using wooden beams to lug the hut-sized barn to the next town.

Provincial Governor Ekarat Leesen said: ‘The villagers are working on building a place to stay for the elderly man’s family. We have also provided necessary items and financial aid to him.’