Shopper horrified after finding squid glowing blue


A shopper was baffled after finding out that the squid meat he bought glowed blue in the dark.

Jirasuta Nim and partner, Kanya, took out the seafood from their freezer to thaw in Bangkok, Thailand on February 8.

When Jirasuta returned to cook them, he noticed blue streaks with faint light had started to form on some of the cut pieces.

As a thought, he turned off the light in the kitchen and was right in his suspicion that the squid actually glowed in the dark.

Footage shows the seafood glowing fluorescent blue.

Jirasuta said: ‘I didn’t feel like eating it after this. I put all of it in the bin.’

The cause for the glowing blue squid is still unknown, but Jedsada Denduangboripan, a lecturer at the Faculty of Science in Chulalongkorn University, said that they could be eaten as long as they were boiled or cleaned with hot water.

She said: ‘The process of boiling it can remove the microorganisms such as Photobacterium phosphoreum that is stuck on the squid.’