Land-dispute protesters clash with police in Bangkok, Thailand

Protesters calling for a resolution to land conflicts and ancestral rights disputes clashed with police in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday, February 1.

Members of the People’s Network for a Just Society gathered near the Chamai Maru-chet Bridge to present their 15-point list of demands that they urged the government to act on.

Among the issues they raised were community rights to manage local resources, land disputes, and ethnic protection laws.

Video shows the demonstrators tearing down iron fences while crowd control officers formed a human barricade behind spools of barbed wire.

The protesters have been rallying since January 20 to call on the government of General Prayut Chan-O Cha to bring the group’s 15 demands to the cabinet’s attention.

Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan held a video conference on February 2 to consider the group’s proposal. Prime Minister Prayut Chan O-cha has reportedly vowed to address their concerns as soon as possible.