Pick-up truck smashes into restaurant while people eat their lunch in Thailand

This is the shocking moment a pick-up truck smashed into a restaurant while people ate their lunch in Thailand.

The pickup truck carrying frozen food clipped a parked car and lost control before spinning across the road in Roi Et province, northern Thailand, on January 31.

CCTV video footage shows the van hurtling towards a nearby noodle shop where four customers were dining at lunchtime.

The cart was made of reinforced steel which was strong enough to stop the van and prevent the customers from being hit. They then leapt from their seats and ran to safety.

Noodle shop owner Sophit Chanthakat, 60, said: ‘I was inside the kitchen when it happened. There was a loud crashing sound outside and people were shouting.

‘When we went out, the van had wrecked my food place. We were relieved that no one was hit. It happened so fast. We checked the CCTV afterwards and saw that a passing truck hit it.’

No one was seriously hurt in the incident except for the truck driver who had minor injuries. Local officers are now investigating the incident while damage to the establishment is still being assessed.

Sophit said they driver had agreed to pay for the damage to her restaurant.