Dogs play pinata-style game grabbing treats from bamboo stick

This is the amusing moment dogs enjoyed grabbing treats hanging from a bamboo stick during a New Year game in the Philippines.

Jervy Castillo, who opened up a stray dog shelter in their village, thought of throwing an exciting party game for the rescued dogs in Zambales province.

Sausages were tied to a thin rope attached to a hanging stick platform like an open pinata.

The animal lover said the special game was done so their 72 beloved dogs could have a celebration during the festive season.

He said: ‘I am happy because despite the pandemic and I still take care of them and in fact, the shelter we built for stray dogs has remained stable for six years.

The game in the video is locally called ‘Pabitin’ done on special occasions such as festivals and birthdays. A rack of prizes is suspended over a crowd who will attempt to grab them as it is lowered and raised up again.