Evil stepfather ‘threw boiling water over 12-year-old girl because she brought wrong food’

An evil stepfather allegedly through boiling water over a 12-year-old girl scarring her for life because he was angry she brought him the wrong food.

The little girl, Tina, was playing in the kitchen when her mother’s boyfriend, Rey Quisio, 35, arrived at home drunk after spending all night drinking with friends in Cebu City, the Philippines on February 3.

Rey called the girl to fetch him a bowl of braised pork he cooked the night before so he could eat it for breakfast.

However, Tina prepared a vegetable dish for him as the family had already eaten the pork.

The drunk man reportedly hit the girl ‘for not following his orders’ before she fell to the ground.

Rey allegedly took the boiling water from the stove and poured it onto the crying girl who started to scream in pain.

Her frantic mother rushed to the kitchen and carried her daughter outside before concerned neighbours helped them to go to the hospital.

Tina is now in stable condition but she needs to recover from the severe burns in her face, arms, and chest.

Her eyes were also injured and still could not open her eyelids so she had to be monitored regularly.

Speaking at the hospital, the girl’s mother, Rosenda, said she wants her boyfriend jailed for what he allegedly did to her daughter.

Rosenda said: ‘I fell sorry for my child. I wish I could take her pain away. He should have just hurt me and not my daughter. I hope he rots in jail.’

Dumanjug Police Station officers went to arrest Rey at his house and he reportedly confessed to attacking the girl.

Police Corporal Leslie Lanojan, Women and Children Protection Desk -Dumanjug Police said: ‘The man had confessed to what we did upon being arrested, but we will still investigate the case. He will be charged child abuse.’