Tear gas canister found at protest in Bangkok, Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9jpy35jh9mv231/VRP10713.mov?dl=0

Thai riot police fired tear gas protesters attending an anti-military and anti-monarchy rally in Bangkok, Thailand, this afternoon (Feb 10). 

Footage shows people choking on the gas and cleaning their stinging eyes with water following the confrontation with security forces in armoured vehicles.

Large crowds gathered at the MBK shopping mall earlier in the afternoon to bang pots and pans and show support for neighbouring Myanmar following its fall to the military.

Anti-government and anti-monarchy protesters joined the rally and demanded the country’s strict lese majeste law is abolished. 

A banner displaying an anti-royal message was removed and police clashed with protesters as the unrest continued. 

Protesters marched through part of the city towards the Pathumwan Police Station, where several protesters were being detained. Tear gas was released and a canister was found afterwards.

In neighbouring Myanmar, protests have erupted after the military toppled leader Aung San Suu Kyi to seize power in a coup.

Deputy police commissioner Piya Tawichai said the protesters could be held liable under the law for “causing a nuisance to others” by beating on the pots and pans at Pathumwan Intersection