One-eyed puppy nicknamed ‘cyclops’ born in the Philippines


Pictures: FTP

A bizarre one-eyed puppy with two protruding huge tongues was born in the Philippines.

Amie de Martin said the menopausal mother dog gave birth to only two puppies in Aklan province on February 6.

The first puppy appeared normal, but the second puppy that came out was malformed.

Aside from its distinct one eye, it had no nose so it could not drink milk from its mother.

They fed it some puppy formula and took it to the veterinarians hoping the little pooch named Cyclops would survive.

However, it didn’t make it until the next day and died around 10 pm that night as it could not breathe properly.

The grieving pet lover’s veterinarian said that the mother dog could have eaten toxins while it was pregnant which caused the other puppy’s condition.

Amie said: ‘The vet said that Cyclops’ mother probably ate something toxic. But Cyclops’s mother is a menopausal puppy so that might have been another reason.

‘Cyclops couldn’t drink milk from her. We had to feed him using a dropper and with powdered milk.’

Instead of burying the dead puppy in the garden, Amie decided to preserve it in a glass box to remember the special pooch.

The puppy was believed to have a rare condition called Cyclopia, which affects mammals and other animals.

It can be caused by a genetic defect or toxins which affects brain development.