Stray mother cat gives birth inside family’s 2ft deep oramental pot


A creative mother cat gave birth to her four kittens inside a family’s 2ft-deep ornamental pot.

CCTV footage shows the pregnant moggie sliding inside the narrow vase in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on February 9.

The house owner, Chanchai, heard cats crying and checked their front patio the next morning but only saw a stranger cat looking for food in the yard.

After hearing more faint meows, they realised that the cat may have given birth within their property and found the kittens inside the jar.

They could take the kittens out, but decided to leave the furry family for now until they were able to find a new place to stay for them.

Chanchai said they don’t know who the cat’s owner was, but they are willing to adopt them in case no one comes to take them.

She said: ‘I have no idea who that cat belongs to as I’ve never had a cat before. They could be strays. I would love to take care of them if no one will come here to get them.’

Chanchai said the mother cat would often jump out of the jar to find food and come back inside to feed her kittens.

She added that the cat was clever enough to choose the jar as its birthing spot as the clay vase would be able to provide a secure space for her babies against other animals.

She said: ‘It may have been looking for the safest place to give birth and found our old jar to be the best.

‘It is very clever though because the jar will protect her family against snakes or lizards that could wander inside our yard.’