Eight puppies rescued after mother dog was killed by a truck

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7ev3w5f9wzut5i/VRP10790.mp4?dl=0

A kind nurse who saw a mother dog who had just given birth die in front of a hospital rescued all eight of her puppies.

Footage shows the little pooches being taken out of a narrow drain in Phetchabun province, Thailand on February 8.

Tonaporn Mangam, 47, said she was on lunch break in front of the hospital when the mother dog was hit by a ten-wheeler truck a day before on February 7.

The concerned nurse rushed to the dog to check if she could be revived but her injuries were fatal.

However, she noticed that the dog had apparently given birth only a few days ago so she tried to search for its puppies.

She said: ‘I saw that the mother was hit by a truck and felt really sad, so I immediately called rescue to help us assist.

‘The female dog’s stomach was loose and had wounds on its reproductive area so I thought it had just given birth.’

Tonaporn searched the area for the dead mother dog’s babies while rescuers helped her but without success.

The next day, the rescue team returned and searched for the puppies again until one volunteer, Anusorn Pongprayoon, 34, heard the puppies crying from under the ground.

Anusorn checked the drainage system and found the whimpering pooches below, starving and dehydrated from not eating for a day.

As the drainpipe was too narrow for him, he searched for an opening and found one with a metal cover.

He took the cover out, used a flashlight to locate the pooches, and took them out one by one.

Anusorn said: ‘The drain was really narrow so I couldn’t get to them. So I found an opening with a metal covering it. I opened the metal cover and saw five dogs first and another three dogs six meters away. They were crying in hunger.’

The kind nurse thanked the rescuers for their help. Four puppies were adopted by villagers while the other four will be taken to a local animal shelter.