Woman, 59, found murdered and stuffed in bucket in Thailand

A woman was murdered and her body was found stuffed in a discarded bucket in Thailand.

The 200-litre blue plastic drum was hidden among the columbariums in Chiang Mai province on Christmas eve (December 24).

Staff at the funeral crematorium called the police upon finding the suspicious drum that emitted a foul smell.

Officers arrived at the scene to open it and found the body of Akorn Somkam, 59, who had been reported missing by her relatives.

The woman’s sister, Aree Pudna, 52, said that the last time they saw her was on December 22 when they went on a fishing trip.

She said: ‘She was a really good person and a beautiful woman. She had admirers because of her kindness and I don’t know anyone who would have killed her.’

Akorn left the trip when her daughter allegedly called saying that she was sick.

The woman’s daughter, Wanida Oupgara, 27, said before her mother was found, she was trying to reach her on the phone as she was feeling unwell but she didn’t arrive to visit her.

On December 23, she tried to call her mother again but nobody answered the phone. She said that was when she knew something was wrong because her mother always answers the phone.

Wanida visited her mother’s house where she lived alone but she was nowhere to be found.

She said: “I almost lost hope so we asked the monks at the local temple for help and we prayed.

“The monks told us that she was not far away from the house and was in the southern part of town.”

A day after visiting to the monk, they received a call from the police that her body was found at a crematorium located 500 metres away from Akorn’s house. Her mobile phone was ringing inside.

nowhere added: ‘I was really shocked, I didn’t know that she was murdered before I came to find her, but I learned later that she was killed.’

Wanida said that after her father died ten years ago, her mother didn’t have any new husband and took care of her 92-year-old grandmother who lives next to her.

Traces of potassium chlorate, used for making matches, paper, and explosives were found on the bucket. It had the Thai alphabet initials ‘K.R.’ written with a marker on the front.

Police also found a rubber skid mark from a trolley as well as an onion peeler that looked like the one in the victim’s house.  

Police arrested Akorn’s brother and grandson after their fingerprints were found on the bucket.

Akorn’s grandson, 32, also had suspicious scratch marks at the back of his body and had once been arrested for drug use.

The investigation is still ongoing and the suspects were taken into custody for questioning at the police station.