Grandfather forgets to set parking brake leaving car to roll backwards killing child


A grandfather forgot to pull up his car’s hand brake – leaving it to roll backwards and kill his grandson.

Somjit Na Srisuk, 62, parked on a slope near their house in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand to load items into his pickup truck on February 9.

When he walked back to the garage, he found the car was gone and had slid down eight metres away into a rubber tree plantation.

However, when he checked the car, he found his three-year-old grandson Nawa Jantkham under the car and realised the toddler had been run over.

The old man quickly moved the car away from the boy but it was too late as his head had been crushed by the vehicle’s wheel.

Devastated Somjit said he could not believe what happened and was overcome with grief.

He said: ‘I wish this didn’t happen at all. Before I got out of the car, I already set the parking brake, but it probably wasn’t set tight enough, so the car must have slid down the slope.’

The boy’s mother, 43, was seen crying while paramedics checked on her son, who was declared dead.

Thung Yai Police Station officer Police Lieutenant Colonel Chamnarnrat Manee said the boy went out of the house without permission to play and buy snacks when the car ran him over.

He said: ‘We are still investigating the case and interviewing witnesses especially neighbours who were outside when it happened.’