Locals baffled by abandoned basketball court in the middle of a rice field

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5qyqhbjwyssu8s/VRP10814.mp4?dl=0

Residents were confused after a mega-basketball court was built in the middle of a rice field in Thailand.

The field had barbed wires surrounding it to separate the lot from the villager’s farmland in rural Surin province.

The area for the court spans almost 6 hectares which was disconnected to the village in the middle of vast crop land.

Its construction started on October 2019 and was roughly finished on November 29 that same year.

However, as it’s location included travelling on rough road, it was seldom used and had accumulated dust over time.

Footage from February 10- shows how cow dung and bird droppings can be seen on the basketball court as villagers never used it as intended.

One of the villagers living nearby said they don’t know its purpose as their children could not travel that far to play in the court.

He said: ‘I don’t know why they build a basketball court here. No one actually uses it. It’s too far.’

The construction is a project of the local government office of Nong Phai Lom which is set to add a football field worth 1.4 million Baht.

Krengkrai Surapongpiwat, Deputy Mayor of the subdistrict administrative authority of Nong Phai Lom said that the structures were made for the youngsters so they could exercise and play.

He said: ‘We will build a sports field for our grandsons and granddaughters so they can exercise and express themselves.’

He predicted that the sports field will be finished by April or May of this year.