Mysterious avocado tree has clean water gushing from it believed by residents to be ‘miracle liquid’


A mysterious avocado tree has clean water gushing out of its branch believed to be ‘miracle liquid’ by residents.

Resident Lorelie Llaneta said the tree started to release liquid early in the morning so they turned off the water pipe next to it in Laguna province on February 10.

However, the tree still continued to gush with water which superstitious residents believed could be a miracle tonic. They even started drinking and bathing in it, hoping that it could cure their ills.

Lorelie said: ‘The water had no smell and taste. Some of my neighbours collected it to drink and use to wash their sick family members thinking it could cure disease.

‘I was very surprised to see it but it was a bit terrifying because the tree had a face shape. It did not rain in our area and it still releases water.’