Out-of-control truck hits lorry then crashes into petrol station forecourt

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxpqawmbj4ywiuc/VRP11034.mp4?dl=0

An out-of-control truck crashed into a lorry before careering onto a petrol station forecourt.

The delivery truck’s brakes failed before it smashed into a second lorry making a left turn in Bangkok, Thailand on February 10.

Terrified pump attendants scrambled to safety as the truck rolled across the station and hit a petrol tanker next to the forecourt shop.

Driver Pirom Kultharid, 37, said he lost control of the brakes while driving along the busy highway.

He said: ‘I tried my best to avoid a serious accident. I know the signs were damaged but I don’t know why it happened.’

Pirom hit a tanker truck carrying thousands of litres of petrol but it was only nudged to the side.

Its driver, Surat Konggrapan, 37, was inside the vehicle at the time. He said he was relieved the collision did not spark the flammable contents.

He said: ‘I had already pumped out some of the petrol at a previous station so luckily my truck wasn’t full. I’m relieved the fuel was not spilled or ignited.’

Paramedics were called after the driver of the cargo lorry that was first hit, Pasakorn Pieumsak, 43, suffered a leg injury.

He was rushed to the hospital along with the two other drivers and bother were checked for broken bones and concussion.

The damage was covered by the delivery trucks’ insurance policy so the gas station did not press charges against any of the drivers.

Meanwhile, police confiscated the driver’s licenses and said they will call them again for an interview after they are discharged from the hospital.